Ahead of LS polls, WhatsApp tells political parties not to spam users

Instant messaging service, Watts has said that political parties are using the platform as it is used and warned that if necessary they will ban accounts by the 2019 general elections.

India is India’s largest user market with over 230 million monthly active users.

“We have tried to use Vatthyos to many (political parties) who are not intentioned and will ban it as it uses our correct message as it is,” says Carl Woog. Head of the communications of Warts. Media Briefing in New Delhi on Wednesday

“For the past few months we have collaborated with political parties to explain our point of view that Vatsa is not a broadcast platform; it is not a space to send messages to the scale, and to explain to them that we will ban accounts that join the automated boat behavior and Regardless of the objective. We maintain the private nature of our platform We are trying to, “Woog added.

political not to spam users

WhatsApp released a white paper titled “Stop Abuse. How WhatsApp Bulk Messaging and Automobile Behaviors” on Wednesday. And said that its top priority is to fight behavior on the service automatically. Due to bulk or automated behaviors, the company has removed more than 2 million accounts in the last three months in a month. It has 1.5 billion global user support. The company said it had informed the Election Commission of India and State Election Commission about preparing for the election.

Facebook’s proprietary platform, to spread the spread of fake news, has raged in India and elsewhere. For example, in India, some examples of lining last year have been attributed to counterfeit messages about kidnappers or cow smugglers. This was important for the Government of India to get feedback from Watts. And to take full-page advertisements for the messaging platform, and this step was important for labeling forwarded content and putting restrictions on the number five to be banned.

political not to spam users

“We are also involved with numerous political parties to ensure that they are aware of our terms of service. And try not to send bulk messages to WhatsApp. We will restrict the accounts contained in abuse without warning – in most cases, it automatically occurs,” an email The spokesman added a company spokesman.

“We find abusive behavior and during messaging, banned suspicious accounts and created restricted machine learning systems in response to user reports … These efforts are especially important during the election where some groups might try sending messages on the scale” white paper. The company said it is preparing for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections from the Karnataka elections in May 2018. We are preparing for elections in India by the Karnataka vote last year. When we tried to abuse WhatsApp from many parties, “the spokesman added.

political not to spam users so

“At that time we saw how the parties tried to reach out to people on the WhatsApp and in some cases. It was not intended to be used in the way Watts was used,” Waugh explains. “As a private communications platform, we believe that it is important to maintain the private nature of our service. And in the end, it is one of the top priorities facing all messaging to fight automated behaviors on messaging. As it can be a source of clickbites. It is also the source of problematic content for our users, “he added.

For the past three and a half years, software engineer Whitson Integrity team. Matt Jones said that the company’s attempts to limit the message going forward with the attempts to remove this abuse are aligned.

“We have completely restricted forwarding behaviors, one of the first platforms. Has set a limit on how we can disseminate messages. And we’ve expanded users from around the world two weeks ago. This will also limit the scale of shared content from outside of India. We are not here to give people a microphone, we’re here for private messaging, “Jones said Said.

political not to spam users so

“We have people who try to exploit our service to send you click-byte links. And maybe even make you vote to vote.”  So the company plans to build its Indian team to join the government and civil society organizations.

According to Rahul Mooten, Law Firm Triloglal and Privacy Practices Partner on Privacy 3.0. The measures are taken will help in removing abuse on the service. “If people misuse their terms of service, they can not see the content that has limited options to determine. An alternative is to analyze and identify patterns of behaviors that indicate their terms of service violation. And who is not? So using machine learning algorithms to identify the potential for a violation on the basis of behavior.

The company said that up to 90% of the chats on WhatsApp were from one person to another. And most of the groups had fewer than 10 people. There is a small percentage of groups that are particularly large, in which the group has 256 larger sizes.

The EC did not respond to HT’s inquiry at the time of the press.

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